3 Minutes to Understand CO Extrusion Blow Molding - Machine, Process and Advanatges

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3 Minutes to Understand CO Extrusion Blow Molding - Machine, Process and Advanatges

3 Minutes to Understand CO Extrusion Blow Molding - Machine, Process and Advanatges


Nowadays literally all humankinds use plastic products 24/7 all over the world. It is super easy to get access to all kinds of plastic products. Thus, here’s the question, have you ever think of how does these plastic products been manufactured? Co Extrusion Blow Molding Technology(EBM), is one of the answers to this question.

What is CO Extrusion Blow Molding?

CO Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM) is one of the most widely used techniques in plastic container manufacturing industry to produce varies kinds of plastics, including HDPE, PVC, PP, PC, and is very commonly implemented with multi-layer bottles production.

Process of CO Extrusion Blow Molding – Steps by Steps

  1. A hot tube of plastic material (Parison) dropped from an extruder and reached the water cooled mold.
  2. As the mold closed, air is injected from the top or below parts of the container to blow it up just like a balloon. When the material touches the mold wall, it is then frozen and maintain its’ rigid shape just as the mold shape.
  3. Bottles produced via EBM generates top and bottom flash which should be further removed and trimmed in the sub-mold. For situation like handled bottles, then the flash should be removed via auto deflashing device or by hands.
  4. After the above three process, the containers is now finished. The bottle should further go through other tests such as leak detection if necessary based on the usage of the bottle.

Co Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Co-Extrusion Blow Molding Machine is a machine that implemented the EBM technique for manufacturing all kinds of plastic containers made of HDPE, PVC, PP, and PC, etc. To be more functional, EBM Machine can be used to product multi-layer bottle such as chemical bottles, agricultural bottles and so on. FS-55PDDT, the latest model from Full Shine Plastic Machinery in Taiwan is the example. To further get more information about FS-55PDDT, please visit the below Youtube Link to have a closer look:

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Co Extrusion Blow Molding vs. Injection Blow Molding : What's the Difference ?

After knowing the manufacturing process of Co Extrusion Blow Molding, you may say what about Injection Blow Molding (IBM)? That’s another dominant blow molding technique in the manufacturing industry. Let us then take a look at the four major differences between EBM and IBM clearly from the below chart:

EBM Extrusion Blow Molding IBM Injection Blow Molding
Co extrusion Available Not available
Cost Low tooling cost but high in unit cost for products less than 150 ml High tooling cost but low in unit cost for products less than 150 ml
Product Outlook With flash and scraps that products must be trimmed and reclaimed No flash and scraps,neck finished at a high level of accuracy, Weight control precisely accurate
Mold & Product Flexibility High flexibility of tooling and the molds can accommodate interchangeable neck finishes Low mold flexibility and is not economical for products over 500ml Part thickness
Part Thickness Depend on how material is stretched during blowing Depend on the relationship between mold and core

For more detailed information of Injection Blow Molding Machine(IBM) , please visit below link: Injection Blow Molding Machine

Advantages of Co Extrusion Blow Molding

As per the advantages of choosing EBM for production, its’ benefits are listed as below:
● Low initial mold tooling costs.
● Flexibility of tooling; molds can accommodate interchangeable neck finishes.
● Container sizes can range from less than 30ml to 200 Liter.
● Container shape is not restricted; bottles can be long and flat or have handles.
● Wide selection of machinery; tooling can be specifically geared to package volume requirements.

Co Extrusion Blow Molding Products and Application

As EBM is one of the most commonly used way in plastic container production, there are also numbers of industries that would implement this technique. Below are the top six industries:
● Food and Dairy
● Households
● Pharmaceutical / cosmetics
● Lubricants / petrochemicals
● Automotive
● Constructing / garden / outdoor supplies

For more detailed information of EBM application, please visit below link: Blow Molding Examples and Products

Co Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer - Full Shine Plastic Machinery

Till 2021, Full Shine has more than 29 year experience specializing in Blow Molding Machine, Molds, Die Heads, and Auxiliary Equipment. Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 is the last 400 days. We Team Full Shine still insist on providing our high quality machine, high expertise, professional knowledge in this field, and considerate after-sales service to all our global business partners. If you have an inquiry from Plastic Products Manufacturing Machines or want to know us more, please to not hesitate to contact us. All we Team Full Shine look forward to be at your service.

If you want to know more about our other products, please check the link below. Blow Molding Machines

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