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Introduction & Philosophy

FULL SHINE plastic machinery always symbolizes excellence. We have earned an excellent reputation for quality machines and thorough services. The key to our success comes from considerate services and quality assurance of our blow molding machines, coupled with efficient global marketing and competitive prices. Due to the support of our experienced personnel, innovative design, and quality-machine performance, our customers place complete trust and reliance on FULL SHINE.

FULL SHINE never stops striving to maintain our regulative concepts. As the most active and competitive manufacturer in Taiwan, FULL SHINE has the ISO 9001 Certificate and CE STANDARD on all machinery. Recently, Full Shine has the close cooperation with the governmental laboratory for developing advanced blow molding technology. In December, 2006, Full Shine was awarded the “Golden Hand Award” by Taiwan government for Full Shine’s outstanding achievement in co-extrusion technology.

Our growth has built on the concepts of:



Company Philosophy

Full SHINE always connects to your daily life; our machines satisfy your daily needs from foods, housing, recreation, and transportation. Since FULL SHINE’s establishment in 1992, FULL SHINE has been prudent and conscientious to keep in progress. In the era of high technology and globalization, our company has the full capability to invent new and sophisticated devices for every customer’s special demands and upgrade our machinery in accordance with the present technology. We have kept designing machines with innovative and convenient functions until achieving perfection. We are researching on the machines of fully computerizing design and electric operation, and are making more advanced and competitive products.

FULL SHINE specializes in manufacturing AUTOMATIC BLOW MOLDING MACHINES, PET STRETCH BLOW MOLDING MACHINES AND ONE STAGE INJECTION BLOW MOLDING MACHINES suitable for processing various plastic materials, and has earned prestige worldwide in blow molding field.

Every manufacturing process of each machine even including packing is designed by CAD, 3D Inventor and Solid Works to modify and adjust each component for making the machine achieve perfection.

With precise hydraulic system, sophisticated PLC programs, HMI control, and user-friendly designs, FULL SHINE machines are capable of stable, efficient, effective, automatic, and productive performance. FULL SHINE various machinery can produce the widest range of product capacity from 5ml to 500 liters.

Production Procedure

Well-constructed organization, professional and innovative design, accurate assembly, strict QC, and thorough after-sales services of our machinery prove that THE LEADING IS "FULL SHINE", "FULL SHINE" IS THE NUMBER ONE. All personnel of every department, including International Marketing Dep., R & D Dep., Procurement Dep., Assembling Dep., Test-running Dep., and Service Dep. have received a strict and professional training and long-term education in accordance with ISO 9001 management. “FULL SHINE” is offering you high quality machines, efficient and productive operation and complete after-sales service. Doubtless, FULL SHINE machines are your best choices.


Q & A


It is impossible to process PVC and PE together because their elements are different. However, you can buy one machine for PVC application and buy other components for conversion into PE/PP application, including die heads and screws. Please directly contact our Sales Department for our thorough and considerate service.


P Series Machines have high productivity, and they can be equipped with one die head to eight die heads and with LCD touch screen and line-up device. Moreover, P Series Machines have the linear-slide function and special brake device for high stability and efficiency. This machine can be equipped with an in-mold labeling machine as well. Please refer to our P Series Machines' page for the whole of information.


H Series Machines are equipped with LCD touch screen and line-up device. Electric control system is in accordance with CE standard. Carriages' motion is horizontal with linear slide function. Open and close mold is controlled by three slide bars to enhance clamping force. Extruding mechanism is with the die-head lifting device. For the technical details, please directly contact us at your free time.


Please click "E-CATALOG" bottom on the products page,for example:

, and then you enter another page of our machines' catalogues with detailed specification. If you want to receive a full set of catalogues by mail, please directly contact us or fill out the contact form.


Please click "Machine Model" on the top of each table that in products pages, for example:

and then you enter another page of the Exposition of Full Shine Machine's Model.


Because of the limitation of web pages, we cannot offer all details. Actually, our machines can process various resins, such as PETG, PS, PA, TPR, PC, EVA, PBT, and so on. So, please kindly contact us for the thorough information. We can offer you technical instructions promptly.

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