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Stay Focus on Full Shine Blow Molding Expert

Stay Focus on Full Shine Blow Molding Expert-- Part 3
*~* { 2018 June Summer Activities in Australia  }*~*
## Single Die Head + Single Station for No-hole Floater Automation Blow Molding Machine: FS-40HSSO ## Customized & Innovative Design!

 FULL SHINE just completes and successfully installs the brand-new automation line at our Australian client’s factory, by innovating to design the customized machine for making the no-hole floaters. There is no 2nd stage or more to seal the blow holes anymore!! 

This is a great milestone that Full Shine installs the 1st machine into the unmanned factory, in rows of European leading injection molding machines: ARBURG and ENGEL. This is also the great BreakThrough that we customize and design the machine automation line for the customer’s need, from blow molding floaters, sealing the blow holes at once, auto removing the overflow/waste, and to separate the finish products and waste, until to automatically recycle the waste material and instantly re-load back to re-use. Full Shine’s Circular Economy makes your production line smart, concrete, efficient and effective!!

You make the right choice on Full Shine, your best and forever partner in blow molding SOLUTION, INNOVATION and AUTOMATION!

Thank you so much for your favor and trust in Full Shine!

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