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Automatic Blow Molding Machine L Series


Our automatic blow molding machine is the perfect solution for businesses that need to produce a wide variety of large plastic containers. The machine is equipped with accumulator-type mold heads and multi-point parison controllers, which allow it to produce high-quality products with precise dimensions. This makes it ideal for businesses that need to produce large quantities of plastic containers. The machine is also easy to operate and maintain, making it a cost-effective investment for businesses of all sizes.
  • Apply for single station
  • Production volume: from 10L-1000L
  • Cavities: 1 cavity
  • Apply for PE/PP /ABS/PA…
  • Support: Hybrid system, Parison control, turn key solution
  • Features
  • Machine Model
  • L Series(Frontal Take-out Mechanism)
  • Features
  • LCD Touch Screen.
  • The plasticizing screw and barrel are precision components with special nitrogen-treated steel for heat durability and resistance.
  • Innovative robot hands can take out finished bottles automatically.
  • Water cooling system controls the feeding-zone temperature.
  • Blow pin mechanism has a special and accurate cooling circulation.
  • Product capacity's range is from 30Liter to 50Liter.
  • Well-constructed safety devices protects operators from danger and accident.
  • Separate and efficient hydraulic-circulation systems for the clamping unit and the mechanical operation.
  • For high-efficient extrusion, the screw with high mixing combines with gear box, made in Germany, and inverter, made in Japan, which can adjust screw ration speed and reduce power wastage. Unlike using tradition hydraulic motor driving system, it reduces 40% usage of hydraulic oil.
  • Extrusion platen can be adjusted up and down, leftwards and rightwards by the control of hydraulic motor. Extrusion platen is capable of height adjustment for producing picnic table, air ducts, auto parts, and so on.
  • Die head is with special -designed core, hydraulic controlled injection piston and cylinder, and First in and First out design, which is capable of fast accumulation and shortens the time of changing color. To equip MOOG parison wall thickness controller and servo cylinder is good for extruding equal thick parison.
  • Close and open mold is controlled by linear slide way, make in Germany, for accurate positioning and stable carriage movement. Mold carriage is equipped with light curtain/ electric eye protection, and safety gate.
  • Blow pin movement is hydraulic-driven with water-cooling design. This machine is also with bottom blowing and side blowing option. Parison enlarger is pneumatic-driven, which makes equivalent products shape, suitable for blow molding huge containers.
  • Optional robot arm is with water cooling design to avoid material stick, and is capable of taking our heavy products automatically. The material is light aluminum alloy. The movement of robot arm is controlled by linear slide way, which reduces friction and use of power driving.
  • Mold carriage is operated by double piston cylinder. Sub Cylinder speed up mold close, and Main Cylinder is driven with higher clamping force. Carriage movement is controlled by slide rails for easy mold changing. Special-designed mold core-pull function is suitable for making concave products, such as handle jerry cans, expelling products rapidly.
  • With guide bar of molds clamping, the mold platens are with equal clamping force, without the concern of platen deformation. Top and bottom clamping force is with main-cylinder design.
  • Hydraulic system is YUKEN hydraulic valves with proportional flow and proportional pressure control circuit, which can be adjusted based on different products features. Separate and airtight oil tank maintains oil purity, or collocate Full Shine oil cleaner for good and long-term use of hydraulic oil.
  • Separate control cabinet is equipped with Fuji 10.4” colorful HMI, easy for data setting, temperature control, and parison control with detailed information for adopting various products. Error message and 50 sets of memory saving are use-friendly.
FS- 40 (H) Horizontal (S) Single Mold Head (S) Single Mold Station (O) Original
45 (P) Parallel (D) Double Mold Heads (D) Double Mold Stations (C) Two Colors
55 (O) Standard / Oblique (T) Three Mold Heads   (D) Two Layers
65 (A) Pneumatic (F) Four Mold Heads   (T) Three Layers
75 (L) Frontal (E) Eight Mold Heads   (F) Four Layers
80 (I) Lateral     (L) Six Layers
90       (V) View Stripe
100       (P) PC baby bottle
FS- 65 P D S D
Material PE PE PE PE PE
1 Product capacity Liter 1-10 10-30 30-50 50-100 100-250
2 Diameter of Product m/m 80-260 120-350 150-400 180-580 260-650
3 Screw diameter m/m 75 80 90 100 120
4 Screw L/D ratio L/D 24/1 24/1 24/1 28/1 28/1
5 Extruding capacity Kg/hr 100 120 140 210 270
6 Accumulator Kg 2.5 2.5 5 7-12 26
7 Screw Drive Inverter motor HP 30 40 50 60 100
8 Screw Drive Hydraulic motor C.C. 1450 2000 2500 3000 4500
9 Screw ration speed r.p.m 15-65 20-65 20-65 20-65 20-65
10 Oil Hydraulic drive Inverter motor HP 25 30 30 40 75
11 Oil Hydraulic drive Hydraulic motor HP 20 50 75 100 125
12 Power of thickness control HP 5 5 7.5 10 10
13 Air compressor(Optional) HP 7.5 15 15 20 30
14 Pressure of air kg/cm2 5-7 5-7 6-8 6-8 6-8
15 Clamping force ton 28 42 50 100 162
16 Oil tank capacity Gallon 80 100 140 200 210
17 Number of heaters Zone 6 7 7 10 10
18 Heating capacity Kw 26 28 32 36 45
19 Total installed power Kw 68 81 92 111 176
20 Extruding mouth outer diameter m/m 200 280 350 450 650
21 Open close daylight m/m 200-700 230-930 340-1000 360-1200 500-2300
22 Length of mold capacity m/m 680 775 850 1200 1500
23 Width of mold capacity m/m 500 640 820 1000 1300
24 Machine water consumption L/hr 900 900 1000 1200 1500
25 Mold water consumption L/min 230 230 230 230 450
kcal/hr 31500 31500 46623 46623 246500
26 Machine net weight ton 7.2 11 12 18 32
27 Machine dimension<L*W*H> m 3.4*2.5*2.8 3.8*2.8*2.8 5*3*3.3 5.5*3.5*3.3 5.7*9.6*6

Outdoor product
21L, 25L drum
10L. 20L. 30L Jerry cans
Close and open mold is controller by linear slide way, make in Germany
Fans with Barrel screw set
FS-100LSSO machine with robot arm
FS-100LSSO Single Accumulator die head
Mold carriage is operated by double piston cylinder
Parison enlarger is pneumatic-driven
Separate control cabinet is equipped with Fuji 10.4” colorful HMI
Separate PLC control cabinet
Sub Cylinder speed up mold close, and Main Cylinder is driven with higher clamping force

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