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Pet Stretch Blow Molding Machine FS-4000AD


  • "Our FS-4000AD PET stretch blow molding machine is specially designed for PET bottle making, the machine operate with pneumatic production and equipped with 4 cavities mold for production line, the max production output is up to 4000 pices per hour.
    With high quality, durable components, and excellent cooling system, this machine will incerease efficiency and lower labour cost."
    Apply for mineral water bottles,shampoo bottles, and so on.
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Machine Model
  • Auto Pet Stretch Blow Molding Machine
  • Features
  • Full Shine's PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine is an advanced machine for mass production.
  • From feeding preform to finish blowing are fully automatic, mass production and labor cost be tremendously saved.
  • This machine is also equipped with touch screen for the operator to adjust each function easily.
  • Applicable Types
    Mineral Water, CSD, Seasonings, Carbonated Drinks, Tea, Juice, Distilled Water, Alcoholic Beverages, Cooking Oil, Cleaning Agents, Cosmetics, household products.
  • Pneumatic Version
    Automatic perform feeding, heating, and blowing system.
    Patent chain adjustment for easy repair and maintenance.
    All-purpose heating design that can be applied to different products.
    Touch-screen interface, allowing easy operation.
    Modular design for easy repair and maintenance.
    Cost-saving for increased competitiveness.
    Small floor footprint.

How PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Stretch Blow Molding Machines Work

  • Preform Loading: PET preforms, which are tubes of PET resin formed in the shape of a bottle, are loaded into the machine's preform hopper.

  • Heating: The preforms are heated in an infrared oven or a heating tunnel. Heating softens the PET material, making it malleable for the stretching and blowing processes.

  • Stretching: Once the preforms reach the desired temperature, they are transferred to the stretch blow molding station. Here, a stretch rod grips the neck of the preform while another mechanism stretches the preform lengthwise. This stretching ensures that the bottle will have the desired dimensions once blown.

  • Blowing: After stretching, the preform is moved to the blowing station where compressed air is injected into the preform. This causes it to expand and take the shape of the mold cavity. The mold determines the final shape and size of the bottle.

  • Cooling: Once the bottle has been formed, it is cooled to set its shape. This can be done using cold air or water cooling depending on the machine's design.

  • Ejection: After cooling, the finished bottles are ejected from the mold cavity. They can then be collected for further processing or packaging.

These steps are typically automated and controlled by a computerized system to ensure consistent quality and production efficiency. Additionally, modern machines may include features such as multiple cavities to produce multiple bottles simultaneously, as well as quality control systems to monitor the process and detect any defects in the finished bottles.

Model FS-2000AD FS-2000AS FS-4000HD
Production output(pcs/ per-hr) 1600~2400 600~1000 3200~4000
Number of caivties 2 1 4
Cavity stroke(mm) 114.3 304.8 114.3(76.2)
*Figures and data are subject to change without notice due to constant research and development.
FS- 40 (H) Horizontal (S) Single Mold Head (S) Single Mold Station (O) Original
45 (P) Parallel (D) Double Mold Heads (D) Double Mold Stations (C) Two Colors
55 (O) Standard / Oblique (T) Three Mold Heads   (D) Two Layers
65 (A) Pneumatic (F) Four Mold Heads   (T) Three Layers
75 (L) Frontal (E) Eight Mold Heads   (F) Four Layers
80 (I) Lateral     (L) Six Layers
90       (V) View Stripe
100       (P) PC baby bottle
FS- 65 P D S D
Model  FS-2000AD FS-2000AS FS-4000AD
1 Production output pcs/per-hr 1600~2400 600~1000 3200-4000
2 Number of cavities mm 2 1 4
3 Cavity stroke mm 114.3 304.8 114.3(76.2)
4 Clamping stroke mm 130 320 130
5 Stretching stroke mm 350 380 350
6 Clamping system   Hydraulic Toggle Hydraulic Toggle Hydraulic Toggle
7 Container volume ml 300~2000 7000 1500(300)
8 Neck diameter mm 15~45 55~125 Ø15~30
9 Max. container diameter mm 90 90 Ø90(Ø50)
10 Max. container height mm 350 335 320
11 Number of carriage   40 18 80
12 Number of heating panel   2 3 4
13 Total infrared heaters   40 72 64
14 Number of heating zones   12 10 24
15 Heating power KW 32 95 80
16 Max. heating power KW 40 115 96
17 Total power KW 45 135 402
18 Operating air pressure kg/cm2 5~8 5~8 5~8
19 Blowing air pressure kg/cm2 35 35 2400
20 Cooling capacity kcal/hr 4500 4500 35
21 Cooling water flow rate liter/hr 3000 3000 4500
22 Cooling water temperature °C 7~13 7~13 7500
23 Operating pressure kg/cm2 5~7 5~7 5~7
24 h1 Overall height M 2.31 2.31 2.31
25 h2 Shield height M 2.13 2.13 2.13
26 L1 Overall length M 2.8 3.3 4.3
27 W1 Overall width M 1.8 1.8 2.2
28 Weight kg 4200 5200 6000
Mold Open/Close Function & Mold Station
Robot Hands for Conveying Preforms and Finished PET Bottles
Touch Screen and Operative Panel
Stretch Blow Molding Machine
Preform Feeding System

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