How to select the best blow molded 20L Jerry cans

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How to select the best blow molded 20L Jerry cans

How to select the best blow molded 20L Jerry cans

How to select the best blow molding machine for making 20L Jerry can

To select the best Blow molding plastic machine making containers 20L Jerry cans, with below involve below:
Quality die head and strong clamping, and produce by new raw materials with good performance. Professional production

Quality workmanship
Professional can engrave own exclusive LOGO.

And product QC request as below:
  1. 1. Packing washer
  2. 2. Barrel mouth smooth without burr
  3. 3. Thickening resistant to fall and wear
  4. 4. The surface is smooth and clean
  5. 5. Leakage
  6. 6. Radial Wall Thickness Distribution

Full shine Blow Molding Machine for making 20L jerry can( Taiwan)
With below specification:
  1. → Machines with Strong clamping force, suitable for producing various and different-shape of plastic products.
  2. → Using 10.4” LCD touch panel, data setting, temperature control, error prompt.
  3. → Apply for Accumulator Die head and Continuous design for PE material production. [Customized design]
  4. → The plasticizing SACM 645 steel screw and barrel are precision components with special nitrogen-treated steel for heat durability and resistance.
  5. → Top and Down blowing unit with automatic bottle frame out design can be specify.
  6. → In mold labelling machine is available.
  7. → Special brake function for stable mold movement

When purchasing a blow molding machine from Full shine Machinery, you can rest assured that our high-performance machines will run with maximum effectiveness and meet all your requirements.

Full Shine Machinery has 30 years of experience specializing in Automatic Blow Molding Machines, Multi-layer Co-extrusion Blow Molding Machines (2-6 layers bottle), Accumulator-head Blow Molding Machines, One Stage Injection Blow Molding Machines, and PET Stretch Blow Molding Machines. In addition, we have experience with Molds, Die Heads, and Auxiliary Equipment. Please contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

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